The international professional organization," International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Association (IFATCA)" was established in 1961 in a view to unite air traffic controllers' worldwide. After the establishment of IFATCA more and more countries established their air traffic controllers' association and joined hand with IFATCA, became its member. A need of co-operation and affiliation with IFATCA was deemed necessary in Nepal for which a meeting was called among air traffic controllers in year 1990 and discussion was held for the formation of air traffic controllers' association. Finally Nepal air traffic controllers' association was formed and established in year 1991. NATCA then affiliated with IFATCA and became member association in 1992. Till then NATCA has been participating in the annual and regional conferences of IFATCA and supporting its various initiatives and activities. Due to certain circumstances and lack of proper policies NATCA remained inactive for several years. Then in 1998 NATCA was restructured and reactivated with the spirit of professionalism of air traffic controllers. NATCA is the only national professional organization of Nepalese Air Traffic Controllers. It is dedicated towards protecting and safe-guarding the interests and rights of ATC professionals for the enhancement of standard, effective and efficient conduct of air traffic service. Out of 200 general members of NATCA there consists 11 member executive committee is elected from them. Member Air traffic controllers of NATCA are working in different airports ranging from remote high altitude to international airport within Nepalese territory working with the theme to ensure safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic.

Objective of Nepal Air Traffic Controller's Association

  • a) To protect and safe-guard the interest of air traffic control profession.
  • b) To promote safety, efficiency and regularity in air navigation.
  • c) To promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among air traffic controllers.
  • d) To assist and advise in the development of safe and reliable air transportation.
  • e) To affiliate with other international professional organizations for the mutual co-operation.

In order to accomplish above objectives the Association will do the following activities:

  • a) Organize and participate in various national and international meetings, seminars and workshops etc. related to different aspects of civil aviation.
  • b) Assist and advise concerned authorities in various contextual problems associated with air traffic service in particular and civil aviation in general.
  • c) Promote and assist research and development oriented activities among ATCs.
  • d) Publish official journal of the Association, "Horizon".
  • e) Organize recreational activities for its members as a part of its program to create friendliness and healthy working environment.