Participants will get ‘On arrival Tourist visa’ at Kathmandu Airport Immigration Office. For convenience, there will be a separate helping desk for the participants of APRM 2019. To get an ‘On arrival Tourist visa’, participants have to submit the following documents:

- Intention of visit (Invitation letter from the host)
- Valid Passport
- Completely filled arrival card
- Visa Application (Online / Manual)
- Visa Charge payment receipt (can pay at arrival lounge)

Visa Charges:

Up to 15 days – USD 30 (Thirty only)
Up to 30 days – USD 50 (Fifty only)
Up to 90 days – USD 125 (One Hundred and Twenty five only)

The participants can also get prior visa before travelling to Nepal from their respective Nepalese diplomatic mission (Embassies and consulates).
Participants from SAARC countries (except Afghanistan) can get free - on arrival visa up to 30 days.

Pre-visa Requirement

The participants from the following nations should get prior visa from respective Nepalese diplomatic missions (Embassies and consulates) in their countries before travelling to Nepal. Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Syria

Note: For more details, refer the website